Vacuum Comparison Measurement – Calibration Service for Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum comparison measurementVacuum gauges are instruments which have to be controlled regularly according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000.
We provide vacuum comparison measurements with DKD calibrated reference devices according to ISO 3567 independent of the instrument manufacturer. Our comparison measurement comprises in addition to the functional test the sensor calibration of your device at our factory calibration unit. The test report includes the traceability of the DKD calibrated reference measuring devices.

Reference measuring devices and pressure ranges:

  • Hot cathode ionisation gauge(Bayard-Alpert): 1 • 10-7...1 • 10-3 mbar (abs.)
  • Temperature controlled capacitance gauges: 1 • 10-4...0,1 mbar (abs.)
  • Temperature controlled capacitance gauges: 1...1000 mbar (abs.)